• Użytkownik Zadane
This day from the beginning is like a fairy tale.
As soon as I woke up the morning /-I noticed /-I, that today is the beautiful weather. The sun is shining, small cloud in the sky, a colorful and cheerful. The day can not be missed. Quickly I ran /-I into the kitchen to eat breakfast. The kitchen has been waiting for me, what I like best, of course, pancakes with plum jam, jam made by my grandmother, nobody does better. It must have been my mother's job whenever he wants to make my day was pleasant to me preparing pancakes. Once I ate /-I ran /-I to take. Dressed /-ny wondering /-m to what to do with such a beautiful day. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Martin, my best friend. He said that the whole package of our friends to be elected to the sea, suggested that I chose / s with them. Of course, I agreed right away, perfect weather, beach, best friends. What more could you want? Hastily packed /-I all the necessary things and I moved /-I on the road. Martin said he will wait for me already on the sea in Ibiza club. I did not expect /-em anything, I wondered / s why my friends will be waiting on the spot, but nothing came to mind. Finally arrived /-I in place. It turned out that he / forgot-a /-I on their birthdays .. All my friends and parents planned a wonderful reception which was held in a club in Ibiza, and later at sea. It was a huge surprise for me, and yourself, and be surprised / s as I could /-I forget their birthdays. Of course, very surprised they went, it was the best birthday in my life. I thank them very much because it was the best day of your holiday. Hopefully well as years will be great.

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