We need to do pizza 300g of flour. The meal is rather forget can not, at least hard for me to imagine. With the flour form a mound with a recess into which we pour about 0.5 cups of lukewarm water and I put crumbled yeast (about 20g). Water may be hot, because we will kill the yeast and pizza instead of the wafer will be Christmas. There can also be cold, because yeast does not grow. After a while on the surface of the water should be to create a crust with cracks - a sign that the yeast work. Add the salt (half a teaspoon) and with two tablespoons of olive oil (oil, not some oil).
Stirred and kneaded his hands up to the feeling of extreme fatigue and wrist to obtain a uniform soft ground. Sprinkled with flour, leave for about 20 minutes in the warmth that had sprouted.
Risen dough roll or crush his hands in order to gain the desired shape and leave the pan for a few minutes to have sprouted. Previously grease pan, preferably to spend a special paper for baking cakes.
In the meantime, we made the sauce, using crushed tomato, olive oil, chopped onion and garlic. Necessarily add to the sauce of pepper, and depending on your mood and imagination also peppers, salt and other spices.
At the top we put salami, vegetables - such as onions, peppers. You can put a pre-fried and seasoned mushrooms. Total abundance sprinkle grated cheese (the mozzarella is ideal, though not necessarily). Finally, we can sprinkle with basil, oregano and olives.
Furnace must be heated as possible. In the oven 220 degrees centigrade with hot air pizza is ready after about 12 minutes.
(Portion for 1 person)

2 eggs
pinch of salt

how to prepare:

Hit the 2 eggs in hot oil, add a pinch of salt and stir. When you get the taste of anticipated lay off the plate and eat ..