My house is mały.Od entry are doors leading to korytaża.Korytaz is elongated and the walls sakoloru czerwonego.Pierwsze doors lead to kuchi is half the plates and then is brążaowa.Meble krztałcie letters are in the "U". The table is attached to the wall . Naprzeciko kuchi is my dining room ulubone place to spend time there ponieaż TV and a huge table with many chairs. In addition to television is a white sofa matches the room because it is a book krmowe.regał occupies almost the entire left wall which is located near okna.Obok łaśnienka dining room is all in green and white płytkach.Biała bath is obligatory is przysznica.Umywalka myszla.Obok cream as my toilet is located ruhm, The Pink biórko I got there and the window overlooking the park. Łóżo is for 2 people. Mom with Dad in May next to the red and cozy ruhm