Tyle znalazłam o stokrotce:
Daisy (Bellis) - numbering 15 species of the type of the family Asteraceae. Flower plants are herbaceous, with oval or spatulate leaves and white or pink flowers języczkowatych. The flora Polish there is only one species.
Rose (Rosa L.) - the type of shrubs belonging to the Rosaceae family (Rosaceae). 150-200 known species in the northern hemisphere, and sometimes given up to twice the number, which results from the different treatment of these taxa. Most ornamental varieties of roses propagated by grafting onto rootstocks of wild roses.
Pansy, garden pansy, pansy (Viola x wittrockiana Gams) - a flowering plant of the family two years fiołkowatych (Violaceae Batsch.) Hybrid, was the result of crossing three species of wild violet: violet tricolor (V. tricolor), yellow violet (V. lutea) and the Altai violet (V. altaica). In Poland, very often grown as an ornamental plant, sometimes temporarily, get wild
Myosotis (Myosotis L. - literally "mouse damage" from the Greek mys - mouse and services - ear) - a genus of plants belonging to the family ogórecznikowatych. Customarily, sometimes referred to niezabudką. It exists in the wild in the temperate zones of Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Africa. It has about 50 species.