Make notes for an informal letter to a friend who has moved away from your town. Follow the plan below.

Paragraph 1: Start with an appropriate phrase. Apologise for not writing sooner.
Paragraph 2: Give news about yourself.
Paragraph 3: Give news about your friends and/or family.
Paragraph 4: Ask questions about your friend.

Na jutro! Bardzo proszę o postaranie się! Daję naj!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear friend! Sorry that I write so late but I had a little trouble with science. For me everything's OK and I found a new passion. Namely football. Do you remember Bartek from the bottom? He found new work! And my cousin taught me the test of biology so all is well. But let's get to you. What are you doing? When you arrive? I hope soon. We all miss! Write back soon!
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