POLAND terrible history that makes it not strange tragedy, sadness and shock. But not for decades has suffered injuries, such as the death of President Lech Kaczynski, along with dozens of other high-ranking Polish politicians and officials, in a plane crash on April 10.

Presidential aircraft carrying the delegation to Katyn, to celebrate the extermination of the Polish elites previous: 20,000 reservist officers murdered by the NKVD in 1940 by Stalin.

The symbolism of this tragedy, many Poles, it is almost unbearable. In 1943, General Wladyslaw Sikorski, head of Polish government during the war, was killed in a plane crash in Gibraltar. Foul play not shown there, but many Poles believe that he died because of his strong determination to disclose the Katyn massacre, which the Soviet Union blamed the Germans. Now, another Polish president, engaged in the same issue, died in all too similar.

Polish Historical sensitivies of Russia that many see as a terrible accident and not tragic. But the plane tried to land four times, in bad weather. The accident is overwhelmingly probable cause.

Even as the Katyn, which eliminated the flower of Polish prewar elite, a plane crash that also seems to cut the Polish society. Among the 96 people who died were the head of the Polish General Staff, the head of the central bank, the director of the Institute of National Remembrance (which investigates and documents the crimes, such as the Katyn) and many others in the country's top public figures. Many politicians from the opposition Law and Justice, which is led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, twin brother of late president, were among the delegation.

There is a growing pile of flowers outside the presidential palace in Warsaw provides the audience a great sense of loss. Radek Sikorski, the foreign minister, who broke the news of Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, said this morning that Chief Executive cry at the hearing. Both men were in Katyn at the beginning of the week, during the ceremony attended by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's. Hawks Kaczynski did not attend the ceremony, rather than insist on his visit three days later.

Tragedy brings a big upset in the Polish political life and in other institutions. Presidential elections to be held in October, will move. Kaczynski was facing a difficult challenge with Bronislaw Komorowski, a close ally of Tusk. Mr. Komorowski is the Speaker of the Sejm, the lower house of Polish parliament. In this capacity, has now become.

Kaczynski, like his brother, was known for his personal integrity and his deep roots in the Polish anti-communist opposition movement. He was a fierce critic of both historic German and Soviet crimes against Poland and a strong supporter of such countries as Georgia. He was modest and charming in private, although clearly embarrassed at the large events open and prone to gaffes and unnecessary controversy.

Mr Kaczynski's wife, Maria, was killed in an accident. The couple had one daughter.
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