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- annoying
This is very annoying (to jest bardzo denerwujące)
- honest
I am honest with you. (jestem z tobą szczery)
- generous
that’s very generous of you. (to szlachetne z twojej strony)
- mean
What does this word mean? (co znaczy to słowo)
- rude
He talk to me rude words. (on mówi do mnie brzydkie słowa)
He annoying thing is the company is still trading.

His attitude isn't stage-managed and he is bluntly honest about his chosen career.

My friend is very generous and bought me a candy bar because I forgot how proud Money.

My science is the mean.

my boyfriend is rude and unfair
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Therese annoying.
I am honest with you.
That’s very generous of you.
What does this word mean?
Boy is rude.