8.Write rules for a healthy lifestyle .Use must or mustn't.

1.Go to bed late
2.Watcha lot of TV
3.Sleep eight hours a day
4.Eat a lot of sweets
5.Get up early
6.Go for a walk every day
7.Eat breakfast before school
8.Practise sports
9.Eat fruit and vegetables

Prosze zróbcie bo jestem zagrożona



1.You musn't Go to bed late
2.You musn't Watch a lot of TV
3.You must Sleep eight hours a day
4.You musn't Eat a lot of sweets
5.You must Get up early
6.You must Go for a walk every day
7.You must Eat breakfast before school
8.You must Practise sports
9.You must Eat fruit and vegetables
8 4 8
Musisz napisać tak
I must/mustn`t(muszę/nie muszę) i reszta zdania którą masz tu w punktach
np. I must go to bed late
I musn`t watch a lot of TV
I musn`t sleep eight hours a day
I musn`t eat a lot of sweets
I must get up early
I must go for a walk every day
I must eat breakfast before school
I mustn`t practise sports
I must eat fruit and vegetables
1 5 1