Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The Palace on the Water (Łazienki Palace), in Warsaw, Poland is one of the most admirable buildings in the whole country. It's located in Warsaw's Royal Baths Park.
This outstanding palace was a summer residence of the king Stanislaw August Poniatowski. It was built on an artificial island that divides the lake into two parts. It's surrounded by picturesqe (malowniczy) park. There are also other wonderful buildings in the area such as: Haunting Palace, Old Orangery or Theatre on the Island. There are lots of beautiful statues scattered all around the park. The park is full of squirrels, ducks, swans and iridescent (mieniące sie barwami) peacocks. Classical interiors are also breahtaking. The palace has some splendid 18th-century furniture as well as part of the art collection of King Stanisław. It's royal apartments and picture gallery fascinate with its beauty.
I think that Łazienki Palace is a building everyone should visit. I'm sure it will give you unforgettable moments of delight and let you contemplate the real beauty.

sama pisalam wiec nie jest z neta^^