He was born there, gloves product, and trade in grain and
wood, which made him a wealthy merchant. In Stratford-upon-Avon
He was an important urban functions. His mother, Mary, came from
Catholic noble family of the Ardennes. They had eight children,
The oldest was William. He went to school transport. He taught
There are Latin, history, ancient literature and rhetoric. Probably
during his father's financial difficulties was forced to interrupt their studies. He worked in various aristocratic residences as a tutor, secretary, and an actor in
court performances. Shakespeare had shares in the open
The Globe Theatre. He became a famous actor, appearing among others in the
starring in the plays of Ben Jonson. He won a fortune, could buy for
himself and his father was knighted, in London's property
Blackfriars, and one of the most impressive houses in Stratford - New
Place. He died on 23 April 1616 year in Stratford hometown, where he was
Collegiate buried in the chancel of Holy Trinity. He also wrote a series of one hundred fifty-four Sonnets themes of love, which were published in 1609. Most of them are addressed to the young (fair peer), and the other to a lady (Dark Lady), the identity of these characters is still the subject of disputes.
Like this biography and works of William Shakespeare raises many questions. Not preserved any of his manuscripts. For the life of Shakespeare appeared in just seven pirate edition of his plays. They were inaccurate and wrong places here are called Bad Quartos (since in quarto). Besides them there were 14 pieces of authorized, called Good Quartos, which partially overlapped with the Bad Quartos. They could be a reaction to the appearance of unauthorized pirated version.

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