How would you organise your birthday party?

Birthday is a time, when we are happy, because this is our day. Although somebody is a little sad because is added a next year of his or her life.

In that particular day our friends wish us all the best. Aquaintances and families visit is in our house. Then we make a party in order to celebrate our birthday.

My birthday I'll organise in a big abandoned palace, where is a wonderful room for dances. In there I'll put some tables with food, in the background will play rytmic music. Ceiling and walls will be decorated with baloons and colorful ribbons.

On the table I'll serve many different tasty dishes and for the dessert I'll give a chocolate ice-creames. Two friends will help me to prepare the dishes. After the birthday party we'll tidy up together. I think this birthday will be a nice memory for me.

liczę na naj :)]
On 16 birthday, I want himself a boisterous party. First let me start with the invitations which will put the place, date, start time, then I will calculate the number of people. Then, in the sources available to me to look for information about the pub. Redeem it at a certain time, then go after the various delicacies and ordering a set meal in a pub. Determine what the climate will be, that is, propose 80s I turn finally to one another, that is, dress and makeup.