Napisz list do przyjaciela z USA aby odpowiedzieć mu swoje nowiny
-przeproś za długie milczenie i i podaj jego powód
-Zrelacjonuj jedno zdarzenie z życia rodziny opisują swoje odczucia
-Zrelacjonuj i skomentuj jedno wydarzenie z życia towarzyskiego
-Poproś o odpowiedź i zapytaj o nowiny adresata i jego przyjaciół

Od 120 -150 słów (więc prosiłbym o zmieszczenie się w tym limicie)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello John,
I'm sorry I didin't write to You but I hadn't time.
Two weeks ago when I came home I saw my mother. She was crying. I asked her what happend. She looked at me sadly and told: "Your father left behind us.". I was shocked! I thought that she was joking. She didn't joke. I hugged her and I was crying with her. A few days later everything became clear. My Dad left a letter, when he went. He wrote: "I must to see the woman in my life". That woman is.. my Grandmother! She had heartattack. But everything is okey.
Apart from that I had a girlfriend. I fall in love. But she left me! For my bestfriend. It was a blow straight into the heart. But I carried it somehow.
What about you? I hope You fine. What at your friends? Answer me fast.
Hi John
I'm sorry that i don't answer by long time but i was very confused becouse president die i was really upset.On this plane were also many politision and polish army generals. In this time i and my family go to church and we pray for grace for people whose dies in accident. Also i was with my friend Maciej in cinema and we watched a movie called "Katyń". A movie was about morder thousend of polish poeple by russian in second world war. It was incredible experience for to see again this great creation. If you came to Poland we'll watch this film in my computer.If you could answer for my letter a say inside how you and your friends experience this sadly moments.
Dear Kamil