Ułóż pytania w odpowiedniej formie używając czasu Present Perfect Continuous/Simple (since or for)

np.I know Bob.(for five years)
- I have known Bob for five years.

1. Jack lives in Bolton.(since he was born)
- Jack...

2. Bill is unemployed.(since April)
- Bill...

3. Ann has a bad cold.(for the last few days)

4. I want to go to the moon. (since I was a child)

5. My brother is studying languages at university.(for two years)

6.My cousin is in the army. (since he was 17)

7. Tim and Jane are working in Sheffield.(since February)

8.They are waiting for us.(for half an hour)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Jack has live in Bolton since he was born.
2.Bill has unemployed since April.
3. Ann has a bad cold for the last few days.
4.I have to gone to the moon since I was a child.
5.My brother has studying languages for two years.
6. My cousin has been in the army sinc he was 17.
7.Tim and Jane have working in Sheffield since February.
8.They have waiting for us for half an hour.