Waiter: Good evening
Tom&Lisa: Good evening.
Waiter: 7.Are you ready order?
Tom: Yes, I'd like the chicken soup as a starter,please.
Waiter: I'm sorry,we don't have any Italian ham.
Lisa: And I'd like the Italian ham and melon,please.
Waiter: 8.Yes,of course.
Would you like some avocado?
Lisa: 3.That sounds great.
I'll have that. And for the main course I'd like
steak and potatoes, please.
Tom: And I'll have the spaghetti bolognese, please.
Waiter:OK. 9.Anything to drink?
Tom:Sparkling water for me,please.
Lisa:4.And an orange juice for me,please.
Waiter: Of Course


Lisa: Waiter! 6.Can we have the bill,please?
Waiter: 1.Would you any pudding?
Tom: No,thanks.2.We haven't got much time.
Just the bill,please.
Waiter: Yes of course. Here it is.
Lisa: Thank you.

Przeczytaj tekst i napisz rozmowę w restauracji. Użyj dialogu wyżej jako wzoru.

Bill: is in a restaurant. He wants fish soup as a starter,and hot chicken and bacon salad for main course.He doesn't want pudding. He wants to drink still mineral water.




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Waiter : Good Morning
Bill : Hello.
Waiter : Are you ready to order?
Bill : Yes, I am. I would like the chicken soup as a starter, please.
Waiter : Anything else?
Bill : Yes, I'd like hot chicken and becon salad for the main course, please.
Waiter : Would you like to order some pudding?
Bill : No, thank you.
Waiter : Anything to drink?
Bill : Still mineral water, please.
Waiter: Of Course


Bill: Waiter! Can we have the bill,please?
Waiter: Yes of course. Here it is.
Bill: Thank you.
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