"Technology is making the word a better place. Do you agree?"

Through the course of human history, millions of notable inventions have been dicovered. Starting from the simple tools used in Neolithic Era, the invention of the wheel, ending with the modern, complicates systems which are used now.Technology undoubtfully has changed the way we live now but is it really making the world a better place? 56
Firstly, technology has a very positive impact on many fields like science, engineering and medicine. The last of them seems be especially important to me as new medicaments and improvements in diagnosing and treating patients saves lifes of many people. 40
Secondly, development of technology gave us a possibility to communite easier, cheaper and much more faster. Mobile phones helps us talk with others wherever they are. The distance is not a problem anymore. Except phoning them we can also sent text messages, send pictures and share data. 46
On the other hand, technology has also brought some serious problems like harm to environment. New factories, urbanisation of cities, exhaust fumes and emissions of waste gases have polluted our planet adversely. 32
In conclusion, advancement of technology has many advanteges but also some disadvatages. In my opinion there is more good sides of technology that's why I belive it's making the world a better place. 33

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"Technology in our life"
How we know, technology is very important. If here wasn't technology, world would be worse, but some people always will think otherwise. Now, we can think about the past and the future. Technology don't stop, it always go on. Every smarter people did inventions, which will helpful for us. With them help we can do almoust everything! From other site it isn't really good. Why? There are two voices: for and against technology.
Voice "for" technology:
Our life is very easier, beacuse we don't have to do something really long, for example: when we want to wash our clothes. We don't wash it by our hands, but throw them into the washing machine. It's also more comfortable. Few years earlier we couldn't have every these things in our houses.
Second "for" is faster comunication. Now we can comunicate by computers, telephones. We don't have to write letters and wait for the answer for long days or weeks! This is really good, beacuse we can get answer very fast.
The most popular invention all over the world is TV. This box is very important for teenagers. Older people watch TV, beacuse they want to know what happened in the world. Younger watch it, beacuse they want to relax. How we can see that isn't only technology. Also cars are very important. We can go everywhere where we want and traveling by car take less time than walking.
Of course everything what have got advantages, also have disadvantages.
So, that our great inventions are too expensive. Not everybody can buy something when he wants to live easier. Unfortunately good life cost very much. It also stops people talking and thinking. But maybe that's also plus. Shy people can write more in internet than talk in the real world. From other site it stops our thinking. We leave everything for computers and other machines. There are few things which are unhealthy for us, for example TV. When we watch it too long, it hurt our eyes. The same is with computers.
These all inventions are good for us, if we can use them. When we use them too much, we can be lazy and have losses in our healthy. More people don't see that technology with every day is more develope. They will see it, when they will work as operator of machine. No matter what institution it will be, I think that in the future machines will be everywhere.