The fashion for plastic surgery came from the west to the Polish. More and more Polish people think of "amendments" in its appearance. A small correction of the nose or liposuction is almost no wonder. But is it worth changing your body? People go into operation for many reasons. There are pluses and minuses. Such treatment may also change a lot of legal matters. Let me quote part of an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza:

"(...) Arthur Wlodarski: I was told that you can trust. This bag is 50 thousand. dollars. Police believe that I fell on the bank. I have to disappear. Lord help me?

* Dr. Andrew Sankowski: I'll give you a new face: nose, mouth, jaw, ears, cheeks, eyebrows - everything can be adjusted so that no one you do not know.

You had a similar offer?

* Yes, but do not undertake to achieve them. Fearing for the health i. .. life. Sometimes the gangsters remove those who help them to change identity. Such a fate befell several of my colleagues working overseas.
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