• Użytkownik Zadane
The day began like any other. I never thought this day will end for me hopeless.
Morning I got up, ate breakfast and went to school. At the beginning it was even fun. Later he began to trouble me. At the beginning of the lesson I reported to you from physics, I was unprepared. I had to do so. He took me to answer, but I did not go. I interceded number one, and no it is not known why the account, after all behaved normally. I did not want to quarrel with him, so I sat down to the bench wrong. But it was not all ... The next lesson was physical education. As always, we all went to prepare for classes. Bad luck still haunted me and when I walked up the stairs left leg slipped and fell. At the moment I lost consciousness. I woke up lying on a bench surrounded by a group of people, they were especially teachers. Terribly hurt my leg, so I told them about it. We went to the hospital. Turned out that was broken. I hope that this is the end of surprises for one day. Returning home, everyone wanted something from me: do it do that. They could not understand that I was indisposed. Upset the whole day I went to sleep.
That was probably my worst day in my life. I do not want to pass the same again. I do not want to even your enemy.