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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Additional exercises
1.I've never been there.
2.We know each other from childhood.
3.It's the best holiday I've ever been on.
4.He went home.
5.It's the first time I'm wearing it.
6.I slipped and fell when I were running.
7.I haven't been on swimming pool for 3 months.
8.It's nearly a year that I weren't in cinema.
9.Where did you get them?

Present and past
1.When she got there,Paul was already waiting for her.His train arrived early.

2.When I got home,Bill was lieing(sory,nie wiem jak się pisze leżał xP) on the sofa.The television was on,but he wasn't watching it.He fell asleep and was snoring loudly.I turned the television off and just then he woke up.

3.Last night I just went to bed and was reading a book when suddenly I heared a noise.I got up to see what it was,but I didn't see anything,so I went back to bed.

4. ...but she almost missed the plane.She was standing in the [...] suddenly she realised that she left password at home. ...so she had time to take a taxi home to get it.She got back just in time for the flight.

5.I met Peter and Lucy yesterday as I was walking through the park.They were to [...] they were playing tennis.They were going to a cafe and invited me to join them,but I arranged to meet another friend I didn't have time.

2.Somebody has took it.
3.They only knew each other few months.
4.It has been raining all day.
5.I had dream.