This week will not be the worst. On Monday the sun will shine throughout the day, but in the evening light falls. On Tuesday, may fall a bit more but it only briefly. The sun will shine. Wednesday will be our day of sunny and windy. On Thursday, temperatures will drop slightly but it will be warm. Tuesday promises to be foggy while warm. In the next two days will be sunny and temperatures will be large, please obtain the headgear.
Monday - it will be great weather! The sun will be shining and temperature will be 20 degrees Celsius maximum. Shy will be cloudless.

Tuesday – some rains will come to us. But don't worry, it will be only drizzling. Sky will be partly cloudly.

Wednesday – the weather will be changing whole day! It will be drizzling but also it will be sunny. But for sure it will be windy day.

Thursday – there will be occasional showers. Sky will be entirely cloudly and there will be no Sun. But we can expect warm masses of air.

Friday – it will be cold, above 5 degrees Celsius. It will be raining whole day. Don't forget to take am umbrella!

Saturday – the weather won't be improving. In fact, it will be warmer but there will be also some thunderstorms. That day will be really windy.

Sunday – quite high temperature will coming back to us. It will be 20 degrees Celsius and cloudless, sunny sky. There will be still wind.