Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. The seller of this shop is very nice .
2.When I am enterning to my house ,I am pulling schoes off.
3.My friend is wearing glasses .
4.My mum is getting back home on the evening .
5. Mrs Malczak gave service on the television .
6.Put this jacket on , becouse a wind is blowing ( ponieważ wieje wiatr).
7. Try this shirt on , becouse she is very trendy (modna) .
8.Put pyjamas on and go to bed.
9.Look , this belt is beautiful.
10. Buy this tracksuit , he is very comfortable (wygodny) .

Proszę :)
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When I was in the shop vendor, who was wearing glasses asked me:
-Can i help you?
I wanted to find new jacket, so I said:
-No, thank you.
And i went to changing room. There i tried on new shirt, gym suit and belt. I wanted to try new pajamas too, so I put off my shoes (co do tego nie jestem pewny). Many of these clothes suited me, so i bought it. When I left the shop reporter thought, that I'm a star and wanted me to give him an interview. I told him everything about myself and then get back to home.

Mam nadzieję, ze się przyda ;)