Składam reklamacje po angielsku moze to byc tele albo komp albo zegarek co komu wpadnie do głowy

*informuje co i kiedy zamowiłem
*podaje dwa powody swojej reklamacji
*Wyjasniam co uczyniłem juz w tej sprawie i jaka otrzyamałem odpowiedz
*podaje 2 opcje rozwiazania jakigo oczekuje



Dear Sir,
I am writing to complain about a watch I ordered at your website on 15th October. I received the parcel with the watch two days ago but unfortunately it does not work.
First of all, when I put the batteries inside, it appeared that the watch is completely out of order. I bought a new set of batteries to make sure whether the ones sent by you are in working order. However, the applaince did not work either. Moreover, the strap of the watch is damaged. It has a huge flaw along one of the parts of the strap. It does not look good.
I tried to call you and ask what to do with the faulty item but a woman who answered the phone told me that I have to complain about the watch in writing. Therefore, I am writing the letter.
I hope that something can be done about my watch. I would like to have it replaced with a new one or get a full refund.
I am looking forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully,