Men put an linen open-necked shirt on, which the silk square was being tied under. To the shirt they put the black double-breasted waistcoat on with silver buttons. Dark trousers constituted the bottom of the dress with trouser legs let into shoes with legs. As outer clothes a black or midnight blue russet coat was being put on with small pleats, about the collar laid out. A felt, black hat was being carried on the head with the head, tied with the white or red ribbon.


Women clad themselves in the linen shirt decorated with lace trims by sleeves and with white embroideries, to it red beads were being covered with the big tulle ruff. On podspódniki a dress consisting of the bra in the uniform dark colour sewn onto the skirt was being dressed. This dress was made from the woollen fabric or half-wool trimmed with bookmarks appropriate in the colour with tape, to it covered decorative wide, linen or tulle aprons with whites with embroideries. Headgear of married women constituted tulle embroidered coifs in the shape of the small stack tied above the edge around rysz jedwabnicą, that is with silk scarf screwed together and tied up to the chin into the big bow from sash. However garlands carried the Virgo on the head.


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