Ważne potrzebne na jutro ! :Dd.
- Utwóż krótką historyjkę w czasie past simple , korzystając z poniższych czasowników : attack , carry , come , find , go , have , like , live , make , open , play , sail , visit , wear !.
pierwsze zdanie brzmi :
- One day a stranger visited me ...



One day a stanger visited. I went to open the door and i saw a mend who wore long black coat and black hat. He carred a big dark bag.He made me feel afraid. I didn't like this feeling. I find i didn't know this guy. I asked him what is he doing here. He attacked me! We started fight. I didn't have anything in my hands so I couldn't defend myself. He wanted some money from me. I gave him what I had. Then he went out. I called for the police.