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Justin Timberlake

Full name: Justin Randall Timberlake
Date of birth : 31 January 1981
Place of birth:Memphis ,Tennessee (home of Elvis )
Learned to sing: at the Baptist church near his home ,
First job on TV: aged 12 ,was a member of Disney TV's New Mickey Mouse Club,where he met Britney Spears ,who later became his girlfriend.
Style:Rhythm and Blues
Famous songs:;Justified '-'Seniorita' - ' Like I Love You '

Kelly Clarkson
Her full name is Kelly Clarkson , date of birth 24 April 1982 , in Texas .Before she was famous : was a waitress ,worked in a pharmacy ,and at the zoo .How she got famous , now : She went to Los Angeles to try to become a star , but her apartment burned down, so she went home.Then her friend encouraged her to enter American Idol 2002 , a TV competition , and she won ! Now she ' s world famous .
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