Paris is famous for art,fashion and attractions.There are many wonderful places to visit and things to do. See the superb buildings in the Place Vendome.You can take a boat trip on the Seine and see the famous and historic bridge.But the best place in Paris is Eiffel Tower.The Eiffel Tower is 324 meters tall.The tower is from 1889.I think that this is the best city!
Łeba is a small town on the Baltic coast. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and dunes. Dunes are sandy hills near the sea. They' re in a national park. There is a river in Łeba and there are three lakes near Łeba. They are big and clean. There are a iot of seagulls on the coast. They are big white birds. A white seagull near the sea is the symbol of the national park near Łeba.