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Hi Antoni,

I'm having a lovely time in Yorkshire. I'm staying with friends at a campsite in the hills. The weather is fanastic. Yesterday morning we went cycling and saw some beautiful little villages. Then we played football in the field next to the campsite. Today we're going for a long walk, and tomorrow we;re visiting the city of York.

I'll be back next week and hope to see you soon!

Love Józef.
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Hi Eric!

My holiday are fantastic.My hotel is great. Every day I go in the beach and I sunbath. I met Paulina- she's beautiful. She has got big blue eyes and long blond hair. I think, I love her. My parents are super. They are always fanny and happy. Now, I am sitting in restaurant and writing letter for you. See you later.


To jeśli jesteś chłopakiem;p Jeśli jesteś dziewczyną to pozmieniaj imienia;)
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