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1. What do you use a computer for? Why is it important to use a computer well?
2. What are the rules at your school? Do you think your school is strict or rather lenient?
3.Would you like to go on a round-the-world trip?
4.What's the worst journey you've ever had?
5.Why is the computer important nowadays?
6.How can we help save the natural environment?
7.What do you do to save the environment?
8.What can people get addicted to? What do you think is the most dangerous addiction nowadays?



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1 Computer helps me witch my lessons.
2 We can't do "bad" things like smoking. My school i strict- there aren't many rules.
3 No I wouldn't. I love my home.
4 I thing it's last "green school". We didn't do anything so trip was very boring.
5 Computers are everywere, in schools, banks offices. We can learn about ours hobbys, write e-mails, plays games or watch films
6 Countries must cleans rivers and oceans. I thing water is the most important thing for people and also not tipping!!
7 I live in a small city, where i really can't do anything. Sometimes witch my friends we go to to the forest and pick rubbish.
8 Now in the world there are a lot of addictions like :
- drugs
I thing the most dangerous addiction are drugs. The can kill person very quick.
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