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1)all eighteen year olds should do national service
2)space exploration is a waste of time and money
3)university students should pay for their own education

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-use a formal style
-present your points logically
-use linking words to connect ideas
-check your work

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All 18 year olds spend time uselessly when they sit at house for example behind the computer. Lots of teeneagers don't know how they can take up time the freetime. Maybe the national service could bo good solution for spedn this time?
Firstly lot of children often go to bad way in the adolescence, national service could prevence this and reduce them to good way. Secondly, teeneagers could learn patriotic, honorable and discipline in national service. Finally they could help their country,too.
However there are many argument against. The most important argument is fitness of teeneagers, especially of girls. A lot of children have bad condition and they don't cope with effort. Secondly obligatory national service couldn't back to school, becouse they don't have knowledge. Next argument is bad sytuation in family. Youth sometimes have sick mother or father and they must to look after them. They coudn't go to national service.
In ma opinion national service shouldn't be obligatory. Only people who interested the national service should go there. Nobody musn't make to anythink.