Write an informal thank-you letter of 120-150 words.Use the plan to help you.

paragraph 1
Say thank you.Say what the present is and say something about it: What's do you used it?
paragraph 2
Say what you did on the special occasion.Say what other presents you received.
paragraph 3
say thank you again.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear ... ,

I am writing to you to say thank you for your present. The dress you got me is very beautiful, I absolutely love it. I wore it to my friend's party and everyone said it was very nice and that I looked very pretty in it. I was very pleased about it.
On my special occasion, which was my birthday, I had a great party at my house. I invited lots of friends and my family, we had crisps, sweets and other snacks to eat and different juices to drink. I even invited a DJ who played great music. Everyone loved it and all my guests had a great time. The other presents I got were a giant teddy bear, a new CD player, a pretty photo frame, lots of sweets and other things. I really liked all of my presents.
I want to say thank you again, your gift means a lot to me, thanks you for your kindness.

Your ... .