Gdańsk is situated on the Bay of Gdańsk and in the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. Is is one of the most magical places in which I have ever been .Gdańsk is a thousand years old city with a population approximately half a million.
It features fascinating examples of urban architect styles, which catches almost everyone's eye. There is a lot of monuments and historic buildings, that tourists from all over the world can admire. The most famous buildings are (the Town Hall, the Mill and the Old Town) Gdańsk has also developed a good infrastructure for the tourists. The city offers for us comfortable hotels, elegant restaurant and cosy cafes. In the city centre there are located a lot of shops, where tourists have a chance to buy souvenirs. The most famous souvenirs from Gdańsk are products made from amber (especially unique, manually crafted jewellery). Gdańsk is well-known from international fairs, which attract guests from the whole of the world. Moreover the shipyard is a historic symbol of Gdańsk. It is a place where the fight with communism started. There is also a big harbour, which enables contacts with Scandinavian counties. The city and its sourandings are a good place for tourists because there are a lot of oportunies for relaxation. People might walk at the seaside and if the water is warm enough they can swim. At night young and older people can go out to night clubs and enjoy themselves until the morning light.
With its characteristic architecture and its unique atmosphere, Gdańsk can undoubtedly be called attractive for tourists. There is evidence that more tourists from all the corners of the world are visiting Gdansk and who appreciate its beauty.