Uluż zdania porównujące :

Two sports (dangerous).
Rugby is more dangerous than tennis.

1 two parts of poland (pretty)
2 two subjects at school (difficult)
3 two streets in your town (busy)
4 two rooms in your home (big)
5 two towns or villages in poland (interesting)
6 two buldings in your town (old)

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 Cracow is prettier than Warsaw
2 Maths is more difficult than Art
3 Orzeszkowa Street is busier than Miodowa Street
4 Kitchen is bigger than bathroom
5 Gdańsk is more interesting than Konin
6 Church St. Peter is older than church St. Michael
1. Opole is prettier than Lodz.
2. Maths is more difficult than chemistry.
3. Mlynska street is busier than Sadowa street.
4. The kitchen is bigger than the bathroom.
5. Dobra is more interesting than Steblow.
6. The church is older than the bank.