Proszę o pomoc mam podstawowy angielski ;(

uzupełnij dialog :
Your friend : Hi!How are things ?
Your friend: How is your exercise class ?
Your :
Your friend:How are your maths lessons ?
Your friend:And how are your computer classes?

Napisz sms do Clarire :

-say how things are
-give information about good classes
-give information about bad lessons



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
You: Hello! everyhting is ok
you: its ok. I like it very much
you: I don't like maths. It is hard.
you: I get quite good grades in computer classes.

Hi Clarire! everything is ok here. How are you? I really like exercise classess and history classess but i don't like maths. Hope to hear form you soon.
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