Write a ghost story.
W czasie przeszłym : Past continuous i Past Simple.
Najlepiej użyc słów taki jak:
ghost, mummy, curie, tomb, cemetery, haunted house, shadow, full moon, nightmare, noises ,darkness
Proszę aby praca była dobra na połowe lub 1 strone zeszytu, ale i na poziomie 1 klasy gimnazjum



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It happend in the city called London. Once upon a time girl with the name Marion wet to the cementary. She went to the family's tomb during full moon (she always do that then). Marion took with her a bunch of black roses and white candle. She wanted to visit her grandmother. She was praying when suddenly she saw a shadow. It was a ghost who was looking at her! She was screamed and screamed when suddenly, in front of the tomb appeared a big house. She was so frightend that she didn't think and she walked into the house. But Marion had a one, little problem. She didn't know that it was a hounted house! The nightmare of her life has just started.
She never left the dark mansion any more...
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