Relacjonowanie wydarzen
wrociles z pierwszych zajec na kursie jezykowym . rozmawiasz ze swoja lokatorka o lekcji i nauczycielce:
*powiedz co bylo tematem pierwszych zajec
*opisz swoje pierwsze wrazenia dotyczace klasy i uczniow
*opisz swoja nauczycielke
(rozmowe rozpoczyna zdajcy)



Today was my first lesson on my language course. Today's topic was 'Say hello.' We learned how to say hello and how are you, we got to know each other in the group, we found out everyone's names. When i first came in I was very shy, because I didn't know anyone, but after just few minutes we all talked with each other. I met a lot of interesting and friendly people. Our teacher is very nice, she is a kind person and helps you when you need any help. I really liked my first day there.