Napisz co najmniej sześć zdań , porównując czynności w 1-3 . Skorzystaj z podanych przymiotników .

boring - exciting - relaxing - comfortable - cheap - expensive

sightseeing (zwiedzanie) / sunbathing(opalanie się) / snowboarding (snowboard)

PRZYKŁAD: Sunbathing is a more relaxing activity than sightseeing and snowboarding . Sightseeing is the most boring activity .

1. Activities: visiting museums/ shopping / eating in restaurants
2. Holidays: a cruise / a mountain holiday / an adventure holiday
3. Accommodation: a hotel / a campsite / a youth hostel



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Activites:

Shopping is a more exciting activity than visitting museums and eating in restaurants.
Visitting museums is the most boring activity.

2. Holidays:

A cruise is a more relaxing than a mountain holiday and an adventure holiday.
An adventure holiday is the most exciting activity in the holiday.

3. Accommodation:

Accommodation in a hotel is a more expensive and more comfortable than in a campsite and a youth hostel.
Accommodation is the most cheap.

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