1. napisz minimum 10 zdan z uzyciem past simple i past continious na temat JACKS TRIP TO AMERICA.

2. NAPISZ 5 par zdan z uzyciem wybranych przez ciebie czasownikow w past simple i past continous wg wzoru :
a. jack was watvhing tv all evening.
b. jane watched avator last friday.

prosze pomozcie daje naj!!!



Jacks went to America
He bought many fantastic things
He visited old bulidings
Jack wanted to go to Power Tower
He must bought tickets
He was cleaning her body when the telephone rang.
He was buying food at supermarket
He was drinking a can of cola every day.
He was at home when suddenly somebody rang the doorbell
He was eating breakfast when Jacek got up

2. a. Jack was playing computer games
b. Jack played computer games
a. Jack visited many fascinating places
b. jack was visiting many fascinating places
a. jack got up at 6 o'clock
b. jack was getting up at 6 o'clock
a. jack washed his hands.
b. jack was washing his hands.
a. jack went to police.
b. jack was going to police.