Aimals have their own habitat.
There is a trunk below.
There are a lot of species of animals.
The teacher will explain the text later.
I am allergic to nuts.
HOOF! Bless you.

Oczekuje troche punktów!
- trunk --My dad is doing a good trunk
- below ---below is the text
- brave --my brother is a brave
- explain --I asked the lady to explain the task
- allegic -------------------------nie wiem
- hoof -- My horse has a sore hoof
- habitat ---I have a fixed habitat work
- endangered --not which species are endangered
- species -We have different animal species
myślę że pomogłam
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1 Trunk of perhaps posing a threat.
2 Soldiers are a brave.
3 Please explain it to me.
4 The horse has the cut hoof.
5 Species of monkeys are carrying becoming extinct
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