Legenda o Popielu:

Prince Popiel ruled the Kruszwica. As a child he behaved very badly. It didn't changed when he grew up. As an adult he drank. He was very lazy and always avoided fighting.His wife, Gerda German princess, was the beauty and greedy. She did so, that its only listened Popiel. Do not listened to good advisers. When the world came two sons, Lech and Popiel, Duke lost his head.

Great hatred arose between wujami Popiela, and his wife. Gerda wanted to kill them. She was afraid to instead of her sons to the throne will elect someone else.

She was smart, so prepared a terrible plan. Informed about the grave illness uncles Popiela. Invited them to the castle to be goodbye. They may hear it and come. They waited to die cousin.

Prince asked them to drink any deadly goodbye to the magic of the honey. The drink was poisoning, and Popiel pretend that drink. After a few moments uncle fell without life. Popiel announced that they wanted to kill him, and met their fair punishment. Forbade them to arrange a funeral.

Popiel celebrated, and in the vicinity of abandoned bodies hatched mouse. Finding the food was launched in the direction of the castle. Without obstacles storm the castle and won. Popiel terrified family fled the island, which fled to the tower.

To him, however, did not help. Mouse got to measure the walls, and the whole family eatten up disappeared ... Since then, the tower is called Mouse Tower. Rodents covered up supposedly begin somewhere in vicinity.waiting until you are in the vicinity of the next killer.

Krak And The Dragon
There is a famous legend about Wawel Castle.It is about Prince Krak and the dragon.This is the legend: Prince Krak lives in the Wawel Castle next to the River Wisła.Krak has got a problem: under the castle there is a cave and in the cave is a dragon. Dragon eats the town's animals and sometimes people. Prince Krak hates the dragon and he wants to kill it so one day he takes some special food to the dragon. Then after a few minutes the dragon explodes.The people in the town is very happy and they love their prince for his brave action.Dragon it's a symbol of Kraków.