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Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to complain about a pressure coffee machine, advertised on the internet, which I purchased on 4th July. It was supposed to have 2-years warranty. Unfortunately, it has crashed after only a week of using it at home.
I have already written to you about my dissapointment but I haven't recived any reply.
Let me tell you about two main problems concerning the purchased device. First, the pressure coffe machine was always used according to the manuals. I used it very carefully and wasched after every use and. However, it has crashed.
Secondly, it was 10 times more expensive than an ordinary device. Instead of being concerned I feel very frustrated about this fact.
I belive this dissapointment entitles me to a refund. I hope this matter will recive your immediate attention. You can contact me on 567234543

Yours faithfully,
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