Opisz wycieczkę odbytą ze szkołą na...(może byc basen lub coś innego).
Pomocnicze pytania:
1.Where did you go?
2.What was the weather like?
3.What did you see?
4.What did you and your friends like/not like?

TO WSZYSTKO MA BYC W CZASIE PAST SIMPLE-czyli dodajemy do czsowników końcówke -ed a nieregularne np.go-went



Last week, I went with my class to the museum in Warsaw. We were all excited about that trip.
The weather was quiet nice, it was sunny although it started to rain at the end.
We saw many interesting and everyday things which people used in the past. There were spoons and forks, tools and even old telephones.
Some of my friends felt bored while visiting but we mostly agree that the guide told us many fascinating stories and he was funny too.
I hope we'll go on a similar trip again.