Onto beginning one should break of egg onto frying pans and to mix it it will go out after what then so called scrambled egg .

Na początek trzeba rozbić jajka na patelnie a potem je zmieszać po czym wyjdzie tak zwana jajecznica.
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Cut the onion into small pieces. Heated fat in the pan. Then gently podsmarzamy chopped onion and then throw ham. All of this moment still fried.

2. Pitched to a small egg dishes, for example glass. Seasoned salt. This woman of the pour and fry pans. Add the cheese and mix in the pan.

3. You can bake a "cake" or in the form of simple scrambled eggs.

4. Preparation is not complicated, but the so-called burning. "cake" takes a little practice.

5. I wish you good appetite! :)
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Scrambled Eggs
Turn on the cooker , put the pan on it and put one full spoon of butter on the pan and wait until it melts .
Break the eggs and put them onto the pan , add some salt and pepper , stir it until it finishes frying . Take the pan of and put the Scrabled eggs on a plate and eat it.
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