1) Complete the sentences with the words from the box. There are more words than you need.

debate tabloid headline news programme talk shows station download quality newspaper referee phone-in

0 The last week’s debate on the role of the media in our lives was fascinating.
1 You’ll only find serious articles in this _____________.
2 And now, in our weekly _____________ let’s listen to a caller from Brighton. Jack, can you hear us?
3 Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen, the _____________ has just decided to give the local team a penalty.
4 If a _____________ isn’t interesting, I never read the rest of the article.
5 I’ve never really liked _______________. They’re the same on every channel: a host and a group of guests analysing a silly problem.
6 I only watch regularly the 7 o’clock __________________ on channel 4.

2) What is the missing word? The lines show you how many letters you need to use.
0 s p o r t s programme – a programme on TV for fans of football, basketball, etc.
1 _ _ _ _ _ newspaper – a newspaper that comes out every day
2 _ _ _ _ _ _ column – a newspaper column where you can find information about famous people
3 _ _ _ _ site – a place on the Internet for talking to people

3) Complete the sentences with one word in each gap.
0 What do you mean by ‘peak hours’?
1 More and more people have computers at homes. _____________, in some countries it is still expensive to access the Internet.
2 A lot of newspapers include sections four young readers. On the other _____________, they often include pictures which children shouldn’t see.
3 First of _____________, the author mentions the situation which isn’t true.
4 You can end a formal letter with a phrase ‘Yours _____________ or ‘Yours sincerely’

4) Complete the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original sentences.
0 My father reads this column first.
This column is read by my father first .
1 Dozens of Internet users visit this website every day.
This website _____________________________________________ .
2 They have broadcast this radio drama for 25 years.
This radio drama ____________________________________________ .
3 The TV reporter didn’t mention my name in the news.
My name ________________________________________________ .
4 My parents don’t watch this game show.
This game show ____________________________________________ .
5 They have printed readers’ letters on the last page.Readers’ letters _________________________________________________________ .
6 He took the photo at the Sunday ceremony.
The photo ________________________________________________ .
7 They haven’t given information about the earthquake.
Information about the earthquake ____________________________________________

Daje naj potrzebuje wszystkich zad na dzis



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. tabloid
2. programme
3. referee
4. headline
5. debate
6. news

1. daily
2. ?
3. chat

1. however
2. hand
3. all
4. faithfully

1. is being visited by donzens of internet users
2. have been broadcasted for 25 years by them
3. wasn't mentioned by the tv reporter this news
4. isn't watched by my parents
5. have been printed on the last page
6. was taken by him, at the saturday ceremony
7. havn't been given by them
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