UWAGA dałem drugie zad one jest podobne wiec nie kopiujcie odp

1) Complete the sentences with the words from the box. There are more words than you need.

debate channel broadcast documentaries the local news the weather leaflets the world news commercials addict

0 The last week’s debate on the role of the media in our lives was fascinating.
1 I’m afraid I’ve become a sports _____________. I must watch every match they show on TV.
2 The music station is going to _____________ her concert live from New York.
3 My grandfather isn’t interested in international problems so he only watches _______________________ on TV.
4 I really hate it when they stop an interesting programme to show a few _____________.
5 My favourite _____________ is CNN.
6 The TV has got worse recently. The only thing worth watching for her are _____________ about wildlife.

2) What is the missing word? The lines show you how many letters you need to use.
0 s p o r t s programme – a programme on TV for fans of football, basketball, etc.
1 _ _ _ _ opera – a TV story about the lives of a group of people which a TV station shows regularly
2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ show – a TV show with ordinary people, for example, Big Brother
3 _ _ _ _ _ _ engine – a computer program which helps you look for information on the Internet

3) Complete the sentences with one word in each gap.
0 What do you mean by ‘peak hours’?
1 You can end a formal letter with a phrase ‘Yours faithfully’ or ‘Yours _____________’.
2 Doctors warn that spending too much time in front of TV is harmful for our eyes. What’s _____________, it can also make children less intelligent and more violent.
3 I’m writing in _____________ with your Saturday’s article on young people.
4 _____________ young people know much about dangers of the Internet, they surf online without thinking about them.

4 Complete the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original sentences.
0 My father reads this column first.
This column is read by my father first .
1 Thousands of readers buy this magazine every month.
This magazine ___________________________________________________.
2 Tim Berners-Lee didn’t invent email.
Email ___________________________________________________.
3 They have played this comedy series twice this month.
This comedy series ___________________________________________________.
4 This station doesn’t show debates at weekends.
Debates ___________________________________________________.
5 The Friday TV guide made a mistake.
A mistake ___________________________________________________.
6 My English teacher has created the school website.
The school website ___________________________________________________.
7 They haven’t delivered this newspaper for free.
This newspaper ___________________________________________________.

Potrzebuje na dzis daje maksa i licze na dobre odp i na wszystkie inaczej nie bedzie maks



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. addict
2. broadcast
3. local news
4. commercials
5. channel
6. documentaries

1. soap
2. ?
3. search

1. sincerelly
2. worse
3. connection
4. although

1. is being bought by thousands of readers every month
2. wasn't invented by Tim Berners Lee
3. have been played twice this month
4. aren't shown at weekends by this station
5. was made by the friday tv guide
6. has been created by my englisz teacher
7. haven't been delivered by they for free

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