Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Day 1

The Sun is shining very hard and long. I am very thirsty and hungry. It is not going to change anything.. I can’t see any ship or plane to get help.

Day 2

I am going to find the river and some coconuts. It will be long journey, but I hope that it will be worth to spend this day on searching it.

Day 3

After spending whole previous day finally I’ve found. Big river with water clean enough. It tastes not so good, but It can be. The coconuts are delicious. Then I found a banana tree. I think that it will be enough for the rest of my painful waiting.

Day 4

Birds are chirping, snakes are hissing and the smell of wet soil are turning me crazy! It is all beautiful, but not for me. Not for now. It’s terrible. Every one minute on this island is wore than previous. I think that the rescue team will be soon visible.

Day 5

The food supplies from the crashed ship was on the beach. I found it today. It was great discovery. Finally I ate something, what I love. I got me hope for the future.

Day 6

I made house from trees and palms. I fell like Robinson Cruzoe.

Day 7

It was terrible storm today. It crashed everything. I am exasperated. I have to do everything again from basics.

Day 8

I made very high pile of wood to burn it when I will see any ship.

Day 9

I saw ship! I lit the pile and the noticed me. The are coming for me! I am very happy. The supplies ended and I won’t have anything to eat!

Day 10

I came back to my country. I am amused, that everything has ended fine.
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