My best friend is Agnieszka Serafin, who is 12 years old. He lives near me so often we meet and walk together to school. This year, we sat together on the bench for the first half. Agnes is interested in fashion and nature. Our common interest is fashion. Aga has a small collection of dictionaries. Collects a colorful pebbles. I like to spend time with her as a very good talk with her on all topics. Sometimes we go for walks together in the woods. The most I like to ride her bike. Agnieszka is a good student and I can count on her in case of problems in science, particularly in mathematics and nature. It also has a dog who lures is Saba. Aga does not like to eat a lot, but most like pancakes with cheese.
Agnes is a true friend, like it very much and I know that I can always count on her.

mam nadzieje ze pomoglam;)
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Me friend's name is Robert and he is completely different from me.
He has got long yellow hair and big blue eyes. He is toll and slim.
Robert is very dynamic person. He love dancing and playing volleyball or tennis. In free time she like reading books. He's patient, steady and very helpful. Spaghetti is he bes meal. He like also chocolate ice cream. We know each other for many years. Robert's my best friend.
My friend is good. Always helps me. I know that in every situation I can count on him.