This is Anna Przybylska.
She eats brekafast at 7:30 o'clock every day.
Them she has bubble bath and makes up.
At 11 o'clock she walk her dog.
At 13 o'clock she go to work.
Between 13:10 and 16:30 she works.
At 17 o'clock ske come back home.
She have dinner and she watch TV.
She play computer games very often.
She eat supper.
In the evening she have time to relax.
At 10 pm o'clock she go to bed.
Robert Pattinson is a famous actor. He lives in London.
It's 9 o'clock. He went out from his flat. On the streets there are crowds of his fans. They want autoghraphs, photos, posters etc. For a while he's signing his photos. Now he is trying to get on into the taxi but fans don't let it. Fortunately the security guards were near him. He's going to the set. Robert is playing as Edward in "Eclipse".The make-up men are setting out him to his role. Edward is a perfect vampire so Robert must be pale. The make-up men need much white loose powder. After 2 hours, Robert is ready. Today he's saving Bella (his girlfriend) from Volturi. He had easy work because stuntmen acted in more scenes. After the long hours spending in films studio he went to the restaurant. He's ordering sushi - his favorite course. He met some paparazzi. They are taking photos. It's a normal situation for him so he didn't pay attention. After the lunch he came back to his flat. Tonight he is going to appear an TV in the popular reality show. People are holding interview with him. He's very nice and he's answering all of the question. Then photographers are taking some photos for magazines. He's smiling. He's very tired and he came back home.
Working as an actor is very hard job.