Plisss pomocy z tymi zadaniami

1. rewrite the sentences
a. they teach languages at this school. Langguages...........
b. i visited my grandparents every day when I was young. I used....
c. It isn't a good idea to eat in that restaurant. We don't recommend....
d. that's the man. he lives next door to us. that's the man.......
e. they won't release that album. that album........
f. we can't understand his accent. It's impossible......
g. where do they produce orange juice? where is......
h. this is CD. I listen to it all the time. This is the CD....

2. transalte the sentences.
a. my parents decided to buy a mansion.
b. A lot of money will be spent a christmas.
c. She didn't use to wear colourful clother.
d. where are those trainers sold?
e. he needs to relax.
f. he was reading a book when I came in.
g. You mustn't touch that spider!
i. She'll definitely be a famous inventior.
(prosze nie używać translatora tylko tłumaczyć tak normalnie zeby były poprawne zdania)

3.correct the sentences
a. Iwant to travel for see the world.
b. a vacuum cleaner is a machine what you clean with.
c. English is speaked here.
d. I meet david two hours ago
e. after eat breakfast, ho got dressed.
f. do you think the World Cup will won by Brazil?
g. They already seen this film
i. We didn't used to live here.

z góry thx. pozdro



b) I used to visit my grandparents everyday.
c) we dont recommend eating in this restaurant.
e)that album wont be released.
f)its impossible to understand his accent.
g) where is orange juice produced?

2.a)moji rodzice zdecydowali kupic dzialke.
b)duzo pieniedzy bedzie wydanych na swieta bozego narodzenia.