Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
- Good morning Madame.
-Good morning
- Can I help you?
- Yes, Where I find jumpers.
- Pease come with me.

- What size are you?
- Medium

- Oh this jumper is very nice!
- One moment . I’ll find your size

- Here you are.
- That’s great! Can I try it on?
- Of course! Changing rooms are over there.

- How is this jumper?
- It fits me very well, but...
- Yes?
- Heve you got the blue one?
- I’ll just have a look...

- I’m sorry, but I haven’t got any blue jumper in your size...:(
I have a small and largre size. Maybe you try them on?
- Oh, ok.

- How these jumpers now?
- The large is too big and the small have too short sleeves
- Oh:( Maybe you’d like try on the green jumper?
Or I have one jumper like this blue, but with strips on a sleeves
- Maybe I try on the blue with strips
- Here you are.:)

- What do you think about this jumper?
- Hmm... It’s nice and it fits me very well, but... I don’t know...
I must think about it. Thenks for help.

- Your welcome. Good bye:)

tylko zmień słowo jumper na jakąś pamiątke ; )))
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