1. If only they … her to the cinema with them. She was sad all day yesterday. (take)
2. If only my mum … me go to the USA last summer. (let)
3. If only I … run as fast as the wind. (can)
4. If only my parents … more reasonable when they invested our money last year. (be)
5. If only they … football a bit farther from our windows. (play)
6. If only I … more before the last test; I would have probably passed. (study)
7. If only my brother … less stubborn. (be)

łatwe prawda???? :) nie mam czasu :)
za naj. daje najlepsza



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. had took
2. had let
3. could
4. would have been
5. played
6. studied
7. would have been