Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Route to my home

Iwas very happy, when I received your letter and I’m glad that you have decided to visit me next Saturday. Because you have never been to Rzeszów I have decided to give you directions so that you can reach my house easily.
When you get off the train in Rzeszów, go to the nearest bus stop and wait for the bus called “0”. Get into the bus and get off at the first bus stopped after the Wislok river. Cross the road and go down Podwislocze Street. Go past the school which will be on your left and then go straight till you see the Jedynka supermarket. Then take the first turning on the right into Pilsudskiego around. Go past the church and take the third turning on the left in Marszalkowska street. I live in a semi-detacked house at number 7 next to the newsagent’s. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

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My way from home to school is short enough that pass through the track and turns right and then go through the square and I am already in my school;)

po polsku . :
Moja droga z domu do szkoły jest krotka wystarczy ,że przejdę przez tory i skrece w prawo i potem przejde przez plac i juz jestem w swojej szkole ; )
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Go straight on. Go past the church, and then turn left at the traffic lights.And then the second on the right. ;]
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